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Fortunately,California is a tenant-friendly state,andlandlords must follow a certain procedure in order to lawfully sell their rental property before they can legally evict you. There are still some rights that you have as a renter that protect you in the event that your landlord chooses to sell. Landlords Must Honor the Lease

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  • Can a landlord sell a house with tenants?

  • Of course, if you are a landlord selling a house, there are probably people living in it. Selling with tenants can be a challenge, and a tenant can make or break your sale.

  • Can a landlord show a rental property in California?

  • California Statutes. California law states that landlords can legally enter a rental unit to show it to prospective tenants, buyers, lenders and contractors. If you don’t cooperate, the landlord can show the place anyway. If you change the locks, the landlord can call a locksmith, charge you for it, and have the locks changed,…

  • Can a landlord evict a tenant in California?

  • California landlords are responsible for providing a wide number of amenities to tenants. Landlords are not permitted to evict tenants in retaliation for exercising their housing rights (i.e. filing a health or safety complaint).

  • Can I Sell my rental property before my lease expires in California?

  • In California, renters with a fixed-term lease have the right to stay put until it expires. This is true even if you sell the property before the lease is up.