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  • Can I Sell my House if I have tenants?

  • This means that even if your tenant is a good one, and you want to sell your property, you can still require them to find alternative accommodation. If this is the kind of lease that you have, it easy to sell your home with tenants. All you are required to do by law is to give your tenants proper notice about your intent to sell.

  • How do I Sell my rental property?

  • When selling rental property, it best to be straightforward and open with your tenant. If your tenant really loves where they live, they might be interested in buying the home.

  • When does a landlord have the right to sell a house?

  • Learn Your Tenant Rights When Landlord Sells Property Landlord selling house? Since landlords own the property you檙e living in, they do have the right to sell it whenever they want. Still, that doesn mean that they can just kick their renters or tenants to the street immediately or mess with your security deposit.

  • Can a landlord evict a tenant to sell a property?

  • The IPPR wants landlords to be banned from evicting tenants during the first three years in order to sell the property. Under the plans, landlords who wanted to sell their property would have to do so with sitting tenants. Can a landlord sell a house with tenants?