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  • Is it legal to run a business from a rental property?

  • It important to know what you檙e within your rights to refuse as a landlord, as well as what your tenant rights are regarding running a business from a rental property. Is it legal to run a business from a residential property? The short answer to this is yes, but there are some stipulations.

  • How do I start a business from a rented property?

  • Before starting your business, the very first thing you檒l need to do is get written permission from your landlord. This will simply entail contacting your landlord and asking him or her to permit you, in writing, to run a business from their property. Can I run a business from my council house?

  • Do I need permission from my Landlord to run a business?

  • Asking your landlord for their permission is necessary. If you don, you may find yourself in legal problems if they come to discover later that you檝e been running a business in the rental property without their consent. We spoke with Dawson Property Management Inc. about this issue.

  • Can I run a small business from my home?

  • For several types of home business this shouldn be a worry – many small businesses can be run just by using a computer, from writing and translating services to web design and development, consultancy, and even some start-ups. However, if the business is not computer-based, there could well be increased wear and tear to your property.