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  • Can a homeowners association allow you to rent out your house?

  • Some associations may allow owners in economic hardships to rent out their houses even if the community has hit the limit on the number of rentals. The community may suffer when the homeowners association allows rental units.

  • Can a tenant buy a housing association home?

  • You can apply to buy your housing association home if you檝e been a tenant for 5 years or more. The right to buy will end for housing association tenants in August 2022. If you are a secure tenant you have a right to repair.

  • What happens when you rent out your house?

  • In the end, renters may make the community unsafe and less livable, eventually pulling the property prices down. Some homeowners associations loosen their rental restrictions to help attract buyers and occupants. In difficult times, homeowners may only be able to keep their homes by renting them out.

  • Can a HOA board enforce Rental Restrictions against a tenant?

  • Before renting out property, owners need to know that they will be held responsible for any and all improper actions of their tenants. Since the tenant of a rental property is not a member of the HOA, the association board cannot enforce the rental restrictions against the tenant.