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  • Can my homeowners association Stop Me from renting out my house?

  • This means that the homeowners association can stop you from renting out your house, even if the rental restriction was only enacted after your purchase. However, whether the association wants to stop you from renting your house out depends on how active the management is.

  • Should homeowners associations allow rental properties?

  • Some homeowners associations loosen their rental restrictions to help attract buyers and occupants. In difficult times, homeowners may only be able to keep their homes by renting them out. For the homeowners association, allowing rentals may be better than having foreclosures and vacancies in the community.

  • Can a tenant buy a housing association home?

  • You can apply to buy your housing association home if you檝e been a tenant for 5 years or more. The right to buy will end for housing association tenants in August 2022. If you are a secure tenant you have a right to repair.

  • Can a Housing Association take Me to court?

  • The housing association can take you to court if you break the terms of your tenancy agreement, for example if you don’t: pay the rent on time pay the water charges included in your rent allow workmen in to carry out necessary repairs