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You have to ask usif you want to rent out your home. See our Letting without permission section for the impact not asking us can have on your mortgage payments. You must follow rules and laws that apply to a landlord letting a property. You can’t usually rent out your home if you bought it under the Help to Buy scheme.

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  • Can I rent out my home?

  • Can I rent out my home? You can apply to rent out your home. If we agree, we may apply some charges to your account while you rent out your property. We檒l explain these when you apply. You have to ask us if you want to rent out your home.

  • Can I use my rental property as a residence?

  • Taxpayers renting property can use more than one dwelling as a residence during the year. A dwelling is considered a residence if it used for personal purposes during the tax year for more than the greater of 14 days or 10 percent of the total days rented to others at a fair rental value. In general, personal use includes use of the property by:

  • Can I rent my property to my family or friends?

  • When it comes to renting your property to your family or your friends, the first thing that you need to think about is how much rent you檙e going to charge.

  • Should I get a rental agreement for my property?

  • I recently had someone who was renting out their property that they owned to one of their friends and the friend (the person renting and living in the property) wanted to get a rental agreement. But the owner was like 極h well, don worry about it? But I do advise you get a rental agreement.