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  • Can I rent out my Home Office?

  • This article has been viewed 25,436 times. Renting out a home office is a great way to make some money with the unused space in your home. More and more people use tables at coffee shops as work spaces, so a home office could be a luxury. You should advertise your space and have potential renters fill out an application.

  • Can I Use my Home Office for business?

  • That doesn mean you can only conduct business in dedicated office space; it simply means that you must use your home 渟ubstantially and regularly?for business, according to the IRS. That sounds subjective ?and it is. Generally, if you meet clients at your home office as part of your normal course of business, you satisfy the rule.

  • Can I Rent my Home as a business?

  • You should check your lease. Even if you own your home, zoning laws might prohibit business in your area. You need to check with your local zoning office to see if you can rent for business purposes. Stop into your city hall and ask.

  • Do renters get a tax break for a Home Office?

  • Renters may be able to claim the home-office deduction on their federal income taxes in the same way homeowners qualify for tax breaks on home offices. Of course, when it comes to taxes, nothing is simple.