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So if you are going to buy a house with an LLC and rent it to yourself,you need to make sure it is an active LLC that is filing taxes. Furthermore,if you are going to rent to yourself,you better make sure that this will be a true rental. Be sure to collect the rent each month and declare it,etc.

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  • Do you have to own the property in an LLC?

  • The LLC must own the property in order for it to provide personal asset protection. Just having your house (owned by you) and a separate LLC does not offer protection. When to form an LLC for real estate? In your case, since you already own the property in your personal name, you檒l need to transfer the house from yourself to your LLC.

  • Can I rent my own home to myself?

  • The main reason why renting your own home to yourself doesn work is because it creates phantom income and phantom losses. Let say you want to put your home in an LLC and rent the home to yourself for $1,000 per month. That $1,000 per month is not a deduction on your personal return and is instead rental income on your LLC.

  • Should I set up a separate LLC for my rental property?

  • People who rent out multiple properties often set up a separate LLC for each property, so that if there a legal issue at one property, liability is limited to only investments in the LLC that owns it, and not all the others, too.5 As in the case of any law, there are loopholes.

  • Should I Sell my House to an LLC?

  • Your property insurance will likely be higher, as you have to pay for a landlord policy owned by the LLC, and a renters policy in your name. 4. Unless your house is owned free and clear, it would violate the lender’s Due on Sale clause. So there is cost/benefit analysis to be done. June 4, 2019 12:15 PM