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No,from what it appears you may be a tenant in common with your ex-spouse,so you do have rights over half of the property. Both of you must get each other’s consent on rentals and both of you have rights over rental incomes.

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  • Can I charge my wife’s partner rent from my house?

  • A: As you and your wife own the house it is unlikely her new partner could be considered a tenant, and therefore you would have no legal right to charge him rent. He should however have your permission to move into the property and you could discuss the extent of his financial contribution to the outgoings to reduce…

  • Can a former partner live rent free in a rented house?

  • Your former partner or spouse should not remain living in the home rent free while you pay rent elsewhere. This claim is made by you for contributions made post separation. It is made because the Court recognises that the person occupying the house is receiving by way of a benefit from you the ability to live rent free!

  • Can I get housing benefit if I rent from my ex-partner?

  • …that’s assuming they would allow her housing benefit at all, when she’s renting from an ex-partner. I know you can’t get it when renting from a relative.

  • What if my ex-partner wants to live in my home?

  • If you aren’t any of these things or are worried about your ex-partner coming back to live in your home, you can ask the court to decide who should be allowed to stay. This is called an ‘occupation order’. It’s free to apply.