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  • Can I rent out my house to my spouse?

  • If you rent to your spouse the rental income is tax assessable. However the costs associated with owning the property will typically be limited to the amount of rental income generated. IT 2167 p16. Basically it does not work if you are living in the house. It might be different if they were an ex.

  • Can I Charge my Wife new partner rent as I own half?

  • Could I charge my wife new partner rent as I own half the house and pay the mortgage? A: As you and your wife own the house it is unlikely her new partner could be considered a tenant, and therefore you would have no legal right to charge him rent.

  • Can I get housing benefit if I rent from my ex-partner?

  • …that’s assuming they would allow her housing benefit at all, when she’s renting from an ex-partner. I know you can’t get it when renting from a relative.

  • Can one spouse lease a house from the other?

  • Yes it is possible for one spouse to enter into a contract with the other spouse and this can include leasing, but it is the tax consequences you need to consider as, like Ross says, the interest and other costs could not be deductible – this is a private domestic arrangement.