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  • Should you rent out your home on Airbnb?

  • Thousands of people are making Airbnb money from their homes, which is not surprising. The average annual income for someone renting out a spare room on the site generates 3,000 a year, Airbnb figures show. The trouble is, for tenants it’s highly unlikely to be a serious choice – even though it can be tempting.

  • Can I list my property as an Airbnb rental?

  • Just like with a typical sublet arrangement, it a good idea for tenants to get permission from their landlord before listing their property as a potential Airbnb rental. Hosting an Airbnb, similar to many other short-term rental agreements, can be risky for a landlord because they檒l be renting to someone they haven personally vetted.

  • Can I sublet my Airbnb apartment to a tenant?

  • Most rental contracts prevents tenant subletting. Landlords aren being mean, they are just concerned that allowing tenants to sublet on Airbnb would breach the TCs of their buy-to-let mortgage, leave them unaware of who is living in the property, and potentially render their landlord insurance policy null and void.

  • What are Airbnb rentals?

  • Airbnb rentals are the latest trend in the accommodation market, offering a homier experience for a more competitive price than hotels. Many people also enjoy the authentic immersion into a city culture by residing among locals rather than with other tourists in a 5-star hotel or resort.