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  • How to rent out your home privately?

  • Renting out your home privately using property rental websites House selling websites (or property websites) have become the most popular avenue for tenants to research property because they offer greater convenience. Tenants can now easily filter searches to find the properties that meet their requirements from the comfort of their own home.

  • Can I Rent my House to a family member?

  • If renting to a family member, you may need to obtain a 渇amily buy-to-let?mortgage, which is regulated by the FCA. These FCA regulations state that you must charge tenants a 渇air rent?based on similar properties in your area.

  • What should I know before renting from a private landlord?

  • Before you rent housing from a private landlord, you should know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. It’s also important to know what the landlord is responsible for.

  • What are my rights as a tenant in a private property?

  • You have certain rights and responsibilities if you檙e a tenant in privately rented property. As a tenant, you have the right to: have your deposit returned when the tenancy ends – and in some circumstances have your deposit protected