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When you rent a home,you want to give it your own touch and be comfortable in your own space. But the question comes up as to whether you can paint the walls in a rental home and how far as you can go. The homeowner and Property Management office has the last say.It depends on the preference of the owner,when you get right down to it.

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  • Can a tenant paint the walls of a rented property?

  • Most tenants need to get permission from their landlords before painting, and the landlord will let them know the rules about painting at that time. Depending on the landlord plan for the property after the tenancy ends, they may not need or want the tenant to repaint the walls.

  • What color should I paint my rental property?

  • When choosing a color for your rental property, most landlords recommend sticking to relatively neutral colors so that the walls will appeal to as many potential tenants as possible. It can be cool to have a bold accent wall, but this wall might scare away some tenants who simply don want that kind of paint job in their home.

  • Is it a good idea to repaint a rental property?

  • It always a good idea to repaint if the rooms look dated, the walls are scuffed, nicked, damaged beyond cleaning, or when you want a new color. If there are holes in the wall or ceiling, many landlords take the opportunity to repair the problem area and repaint it.

  • What are the rules for painting in a rental property?

  • All painting materials and supplies must be purchased by Tenant. All surfaces not being painted must be properly covered and/or protected during the painting process. Tenant will be responsible for all damages to the property caused by paint and/or painting supplies.