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  • Can a tenant paint the walls of a rental property?

  • Don paint certain surfaces. If the walls in the rental are made of wood or some other material that is difficult to paint over, don let your tenants do it themselves. Most of the time, these surfaces need to be sanded and stripped down before they can be painted again.

  • Do you have to paint everything back when you leave a rental?

  • Those who are fine with you painting colours you both agree on. They may even see your painting as a way to upgrade the look of the rented property. In this case, you usually do not have to paint everything back when you leave. I檒l put my hands up here and say I檝e never come across landlord A or C before.

  • Who is responsible for repainting walls in a rental property?

  • The ordinance also states that landlords are responsible for repainting the walls of the rental when the same tenants have lived there for several years in a row. As a landlord, you also have the right to deny your tenant permission to paint the walls.

  • Can I decorate my rented property?

  • Decorating a rented property can be tricky ?there are all sorts of things to consider, not least of all your deposit. Many landlords don allow any permanent changes to be made to their property but some are happy to allow rooms to be repainted or slightly altered providing the tenant will return the house to its original state.