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  • Should I have an LLC for my rental property?

  • Some of the primary benefits of having an LLC for your rental property include: Your personal assets are safe from any lawsuits You have more flexibility with your company management structure

  • Can I transfer ownership of a rental property to an LLC?

  • The good news is that either way, you檒l be able to transfer ownership of your property to the LLC. However, it better to create an LLC before you buy a rental property so you avoid the following headaches: Notifying your mortgage holder that you are transferring title to the LLC.

  • Should I buy a house as an LLC?

  • The same bank that would allow you to purchase a property for just five percent down may require 20 percent down for you to buy using your LLC. Plus, you might be able to get lower interest rates when purchasing a property as yourself, not an LLC.

  • Can a limited liability company rent an apartment?

  • May 19, 2011. A limited liability company, much like a corporation, is a business entity regulated by states that is distinct from its owners and can enter into contracts. As a result, an LLC can rent an apartment. However, even though the LLC is registered with the state, you still have to do your due diligence.