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A tenantcan change locks on their rental unit without the landlord written permission. If there a problem,tenants can use the dispute resolution process through the Residential Tenancy Branch to get an order to change the locks. Apply for permission to change the locks

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  • Can a landlord change the locks?

  • Landlords are also not allowed to change the locks in cases of illegal eviction. Whilst there are exceptions to the rule, the key point to remember is that it is illegal for landlords to change the locks and evict tenants from their property without a court order.

  • When to change the locks on a house to evict someone?

  • As soon as they vacate, you should change the locks so they can no longer enter your property. There are two less desirable situations where you can also rekey ?eviction and abandonment. In both situations, residents are not abiding by the lease terms and you need them to leave.

  • What should a tenant do with the lock when they leave?

  • The tenant should return the lock to status when they leave, they should either put original lock back or give new keys to landlord, but a long as they are a tenant they are entitled to defend their tenancy. Thanks for your feedback/thoughts.

  • Can a landlord lock a tenant out with a 30 day notice?

  • As a landlord, you should never change the locks before a tenant lease is terminated and they have completely left the property. Even if you have given a 30-day notice and moved forward with eviction, you are not allowed to force the tenant to leave the property by locking them out.