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  • Can a landlord change the locks on an apartment?

  • You are permitted to change the locks on an apartment that you own at any time, even while occupied by a tenant, as long as they are provided with a new key immediately. As mentioned above, you cannot change the locks on an apartment with the intention of locking a tenant out. Are Landlords Responsible For Door Locks?

  • Can a landlord change the locks between tenants in Oregon?

  • In Oregon cases of domestic violence impose a legal requirement on the landlord to change the locks. At the end of the day, changing the locks between tenants is often a smart, solid investment. It will make your life easier, your properties more valuable, and your tenants that much happier.

  • Can a landlord lock a tenant out with a 30 day notice?

  • As a landlord, you should never change the locks before a tenant lease is terminated and they have completely left the property. Even if you have given a 30-day notice and moved forward with eviction, you are not allowed to force the tenant to leave the property by locking them out.

  • Can a landlord let themselves in if they have lost their key?

  • Landlords usually retain a key to their property, so they can enter in an emergency or let the tenant in when they have lost their key). In theory, there nothing stopping a landlord from popping over and letting themselves in for a quick look around.