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  • Will my rent affect my age pension?

  • So let understand the effect on your Age Pension. The good news is that the actual rent you receive is not what is counted as income, but instead a percentage of this rental amount, which will vary between 0 and 70 per cent.

  • Should retirees rent or buy a home?

  • Those on a fixed budget, as most retirees are, may not be able to purchase another house or apartment and will find themselves dealing with a landlord instead. In some ways renting can be the economic equivalent of shorting a stock.

  • Can I get a mortgage as a pensioner?

  • Although some lenders set their own maximum age limits, there is no maximum age for applying for a mortgage ?so yes, mortgages for pensioners do exist. The golden rule is simply the same as for any mortgage: you need to prove you can repay the loan, one way or another. Reasons for getting a mortgage as a pensioner

  • Are You a landlord if you rent out your property?

  • You檙e a landlord if you rent out your property. As a landlord you must: give your tenant a copy of the How to rent checklist when they start renting from you (you can email it to them) There are different rules if you rent out property in Scotland or Northern Ireland. Your responsibilities as a landlord have not changed because of coronavirus.