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  • What happens to my pension if I rent out my home?

  • However, if you move out of your home into another residence and rent out your home, it would no longer be deemed your primary residence. Instead, it would be treated as an investment property with the value of the home assessed as an asset and any rent would be assessed against the income test of the pension.

  • Does owning a home affect my pension or payment?

  • Your home is not counted as an asset when calculating pension or payment, but it does affect how your pension or payment is assessed under the assets test. If you are a homeowner your asset value limit is lower than someone who does not own their residence.

  • Should you lease your home to pay for your pension?

  • For those that are open-minded to leasing their home, there may be some good news when it comes to your pension entitlements. You can obtain a one year temporary vacation from your home from Centrelink. This means you would still be considered a homeowner and your home continues to be exempt from the assets test (for a year).

  • Can I claim rental income on my pension?

  • Generally, any rental income you receive is counted towards the income test of the pension, less any allowable deductions. Whilst this may mean you lose part of your pension, the rental income you gain should be at least double the amount of this reduction (providing you檙e still eligible).