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If you choose to keep your house and rent it out be aware thatyou are subjected to a changing rental market. (Supplied: Edward Thomas) If you have some savings,you can use a combination of a lump sum and daily rental cost to pay for your entry deposit. the amount of lump sum deposit will not be counted as an asset in the pension means test.

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  • Will my rent affect my age pension?

  • So let understand the effect on your Age Pension. The good news is that the actual rent you receive is not what is counted as income, but instead a percentage of this rental amount, which will vary between 0 and 70 per cent.

  • Are You a landlord if you rent out your property?

  • You檙e a landlord if you rent out your property. As a landlord you must: give your tenant a copy of the How to rent checklist when they start renting from you (you can email it to them) There are different rules if you rent out property in Scotland or Northern Ireland. Your responsibilities as a landlord have not changed because of coronavirus.

  • Should you rent or own your home when you retire?

  • If you continue to own, you may have a higher interest rate on your debt at renewal compared to current rates, varying maintenance costs from year to year, and may still need to sell at some point in retirement. There are lifestyle considerations with renting.

  • Should you rent out your home to pay off your mortgage?

  • 淚f you are in a situation where you are unable to make timely payments on your mortgage, you may consider renting out your home for a period of time,?says Samantha Reeves, an executive broker for Veterans United Home Loans.