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Usually the tenantdoes not have to pay a commission fee. If a rental agent works for both the tenant and landlord,he is not allowed to charge a commission to a tenant. He has to charge the landlord for this.

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  • Who pays the Commission on a rental property?

  • The question of who pays the commission on a rental, the landlord or the tenant, is also determined by local custom. The amount of commission varies, and is negotiable between the entity paying and the real estate agent.

  • How much Commission does a real estate agent charge?

  • The real estate agent commission is a percentage of the sale price. So the specific amount depends on how much your home sells for and varies by agent, but it commonly around 6% of the sale…

  • What is leasing commission in real estate?

  • Leasing Commissions. Fees paid to real estate agents in connection with leasing space at a property. Leasing commissions may be due to a 渢enant rep?which is an agent representing a tenant, or to a 渓andlord rep?which is an agent representing the property or landlord, or both.

  • What is the rental commission on a San Francisco real estate transaction?

  • In effect, they檙e hired by the tenant to find them a property and are paid a commission when a lease is signed. Many San Francisco realtors actually will charge a flat fee equal up to 50 percent or more of the first month’s rent. Before agreeing to pay the rental commission, verify that this is the custom in your area.