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  • Is there rent control in Newark NJ?

  • However, in Newark, there is rent control, which will be discussed in more detail below. Similarly, there are no legal requirements for how rent is to be paid. Furthermore, in New Jersey, the landlord may only increase the amount of rent after the term has expired搕his means the landlord cannot increase rent during the term of the lease.

  • What is the Newark Rent Ordinance?

  • The Newark Rent Ordinance regulates rents for certain residential rental units in Newark, New Jersey. There is no commercial rent control in Newark.

  • Is there a law that regulates rent increases in New Jersey?

  • The State of New Jersey does not have a law controlling or governing rent increases or rent leveling. However, any municipality within the State of New Jersey may adopt an ordinance controlling rent increases.

  • Can a landlord charge for late rent in New Jersey?

  • Late Rent Fees. New Jersey state landlords may not charge for late rent payment unless stated in the lease. When Can a Landlord Increase Rent? A New Jersey landlord may not increase rent during the course of a lease. However, rent may be increased at the time of renewal.