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  • Who is a renter?

  • someone who rents a house, room, or flat from a tenant (=the person who is already renting it from the owner) someone who rents a flat, house, office, piece of land etc from the person who owns it

  • Who is the person who is renting the room from you?

  • The person who is renting the room from you is the tenant, the lessee, the renter, the occupant, the resident, the lodger, the boarder, the paying guest, or the leaseholder, as well as being a room-mate or a house-mate. Darwin (21790)淕reat Answer?(4) Flag as?.

  • What do you call someone who lives in an apartment?

  • In America, a flat is an apartment. You might call that person an apartment dweller, a tenant, a renter, or in the case of a coop, they would be called the owner. Can you get your name off of a apartment lease if someone else took your place in the apartment?

  • Who is the owner of a house called?

  • The owner is called the lessor. someone who allows another person to pay to use their land or property under a lease (=a legal agreement). The person who uses the land or property is the lessee. someone who pays to live in a house with the person who owns it. The usual American word is roomer.