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  • What is it called when you rent a house from someone?

  • A tenant is a person who occupies a property, often an apartment, from another person, often known as a landlord. The tenant often pays rent for the property the tenant occupies. Who pays car rental on vacationing? Usually, a car rental is paid for by the person who chose to rent it. On business trips, the rental is often paid for by the employer.

  • What do you call someone who lives in a house?

  • householder. noun. a person who lives in a house or flat, especially the person who owns the house or pays the rent.

  • Who is the person who collects rent?

  • The person who collect the rent is the rentor (landlord) and the person who pays the rent is the renter. Edit: they are both housemates or roommates.

  • Who is the person who is renting the room from you?

  • The person who is renting the room from you is the tenant, the lessee, the renter, the occupant, the resident, the lodger, the boarder, the paying guest, or the leaseholder, as well as being a room-mate or a house-mate. Darwin (21790)淕reat Answer?(4) Flag as?.