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If they own the property and rent out a room they are alandlord. The person who collect the rent is the rentor (landlord) and the person who pays the rent is the renter. Edit: they are both housemates or roommates. You are called the Tenant; the person subleasing from you is the Subtenant.

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  • What is it called when you rent a house from someone?

  • A tenant is a person who occupies a property, often an apartment, from another person, often known as a landlord. The tenant often pays rent for the property the tenant occupies. Who pays car rental on vacationing? Usually, a car rental is paid for by the person who chose to rent it. On business trips, the rental is often paid for by the employer.

  • What do you call someone who lives in a house?

  • householder. noun. a person who lives in a house or flat, especially the person who owns the house or pays the rent.

  • What is the meaning of rent person?

  • someone who rents a house, room, or flat from a tenant (=the person who is already renting it from the owner) someone who rents a flat, house, office, piece of land etc from the person who owns it

  • What do you call a person who owns a property?

  • noun someone who pays rent to use land or property and has signed a lease (=a legal agreement) with the owner. The owner is called the lessor.