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  • What do you call a person who rents a house?

  • someone who allows another person to pay to use their land or property under a lease (=a legal agreement). The person who uses the land or property is the lessee. someone who pays to live in a house with the person who owns it. The usual American word is roomer.

  • What is it called when you rent a room from someone else?

  • If you own a house and rent a room out to someone else, you are the landlord, the landlady, the deedholder, the owner, the property owner, the proprietor, the rentier ( not the renter), and the lessor. At the same time, if you also live in the house you are a room-mate or a house-mate. The person who is renting the room from you is…

  • What do you call a person who owns a property?

  • noun someone who pays rent to use land or property and has signed a lease (=a legal agreement) with the owner. The owner is called the lessor.

  • What does it mean to be a landlord?

  • mainly American informal someone who owns buildings that are in very bad condition and charges people too much money to live in them someone who rents a house, room, or flat from a tenant (=the person who is already renting it from the owner) someone who rents a flat, house, office, piece of land etc from the person who owns it