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  • What are the advantages of Renters over homeowners?

  • A definite advantage renters have over homeowners is that they have no maintenance costs or repair bills to pay off. When you rent a property, your landlord is responsible for all maintenance and repair costs.

  • What are the financial benefits of renting an apartment?

  • Another financial benefit of renting is having access to amenities that would otherwise be an enormous expense. Luxuries such as an in-ground pool or a fitness center come standard at many midscale to upscale apartment complexes with no additional charge to tenants.

  • What is the difference between renting and buying a home?

  • Renting usually requires a security deposit equal to one month rent, whereas a homebuyer is required to have a sizable down payment攖ypically around 20% of the property value攚hen purchasing a home with a mortgage.

  • Do renters have a better financial deal?

  • Another area where renters have a better financial deal is the up-front cost. Renters generally have to pay a security deposit that is equal to one month rent. And that’s usually all.